Upcoming Events

You can contact any of the staff at: sleepyhollowstables@yahoo.com


You may also call Rayne at:

(304) 904-0105


Our hours of operation are Sunday to Saturday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

(excluding holidays and show days, please check our calendar for closed days)


You must call and verify that you have any appointment that day or any certain day and the time to make sure we have it on file. We run our facility on a private property and if you show up without an appointment then you will be asked to leave immediately upon your arrival. We are strict on this rule due to liability reasons and enforce it greatly. All visitors must be wearing boots or some other approved shoes to be around the horses, if not wearing the proper footwear then you will not be allowed access to the horses at all. We expect our guests to be on their best behavior possible and please, no dogs allowed.