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Sleepy Hollow Stables

Sleepy Hollow Stables is a 62 acre farm located in flushing township Michigan. Our mission is to inspire and empower people on their personal farming journey through our beginner friendly courses. We believe that farming is not only good for our country, but one of the best teachers nature has given us to form a foundation of life lessons during childhood development. Year after year we strive to improve and expand our farm to help more young people have access to farm information to empower local community independence. If you would like to help us in our goal please consider donating to our farm education Ark fund that provides tuition assistance for youth to attend our farming course, or consider signing up your young farmer to attend! 

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Brenda's Horse Trimmings

Sleepy Hollow Stables is a for profit company. Donations made are not tax deductible beyond the federal standardized deduction for the donations tax year. Please consult your tax specialist with any questions about charitable and non charitable donations.

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