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 Alaksan Mill Workshop

There isn't a more Pure Michigan way to enjoy our great state, than to work with a hand harvested piece of Michigan hard wood! Lumber prices have soared over the recent years making the skills of milling your own lumber or live edge slabs more valuable than ever. In this workshop students will learn the mechanism of the simple yet effective Alaskan mill. This addition to your average chainsaw turns your saw in to a powerful tool to bring you more independence in your woodworking journey. Students will experience a demonstration of Alaskan milling of hardwood slabs live in person and take home a slab they select to complete an at home project with their new knowledge.

Class ages 17+ (liability waiver required, students do not operate saws. Instructor demonstration only)


Students will also learn

- Basics of chainsaw operation, safety, and function

- Sharpening sharpening sharpening, how to keep your Alaskan mill moving through your projects

- storing and drying of wood

- sanding wood grain

- wood oils and usage

- proper sealing 

- bowties, epoxy, and other methods of repair/art

- dowel pegs and glue joints

- joinery and the history of wood art

- common woodshop tools and their usage (planer, jointer, bandsaw, scroll saw, sanding options, dust collection, table saw, crosscut sleds, dremel, wood grinding, and more)

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